Q and As

Your questions answered by Ross.  These are a selection that came up recently and I'll be adding more on a regular basis.


How do I know which plan to choose?
If you are looking to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat you should go for my new Complete Cutting Plan.
If you want more mass you should go for my Bulking Plan which is designed for maximum muscle mass gain while controlling body fat.

They both come with full diet, weight training, cardio and abs plans. Once purchased I am happy to help with any questions you come across.

If I don't think one of your plans is right for me because I have special diet requirements, limited access to equipment or can only work out on certain days, can I get a plan that will fit my needs?

Yes, definitely I write personalised plans depending on your situation, your goals and your lifestyle.  Obviously there are some basic requirements which will vary according to your goals but I am happy to advise if you drop me an email. The length of a personalised plan will suit your goals but the average is 8-15 weeks and the price is the same across this.  You get a detailed plan in the same kind of format that I provide my standard plans but each day of diet and training designed for you.  If you have an unusual schedule I will adapt it to this, if you have special dietary needs this will be taken into account.  Other things like your body type, height, weight etc. so that it is optimised for you.  basically everything will be geared to you and your lifestyle.  Also a key part of it is access to me via a special email address so that you get priority. You will send me progress reports weekly and we can monitor your results to ensure that each week you are making desired progress to your goal.

What is the difference between my original Complete Cutting Plan and my newer Complete Cutting Series II Plan?

My latest plan I released recently is my Complete Cutting Series II and is based on the same principles as my original plan, but has a completely new training program and I now provide photos of every exercise with tips on form and technique.  I have updated the diet with more options and provided more help with adapting it along the way to get best results.  I bring out new plans to give returning customers a fresh approach as its important to mix up your training over time, and inevitably I make improvements each time based on my own learnings and also feedback I get from users.  I made this plan 14 weeks as people have asked me what to do after 10 weeks if they want to continue cutting.  It can be run for a shorter time too depending on goals.

For all my plans I am on hand with support via email and social media to help you along the way, answering questions and giving advice as needed.

Can you tell me a bit more about how you do your Cardio training?
When bulking around 2-3 times per week LISS training, but when cutting I may do 3-5 sessions mixing LISS and HIIT.  How much you do all comes down to goals and body type.

If I want to maintain the physique I have achieved on one of your cutting plans how do I go about this?

To maintain current condition, go back to the steady diet at the beginning of the plan and then add or takeaway protein and carbs as needed to keep your weight the same.  Weigh in once a week (same day, time, place, scales) and make only one change to your diet each week so that you can measure the effects.  Keep up your training - mix it up for variety.  You can use my free Weekly Workouts on my website every week and keep following me for other ideas and tips.  if you want to start a brand new plan anytime - whether to bulk or get a fresh approach to cutting then feel free to use this discount code LOYALTY20 on any of my plans.

How long did you train to achieve a body like yours?
It’s coming up to 6 years now, but most of the progress has been in the last 3 years.

How often do you go out and have a beer or two?
A couple of times a month and then usually have a few pints.


What do I get for my monthly subscription?

  • Access to all my videos listed on my website. These are all exclusively available through subscription and do not appear on my YouTube channel
  • Access to all my recipes listed on my website. Some of these are exclusively available through subscription, although recipes that were on my website prior to October 2015 will still be available to all
  • Regular interactive video streaming sessions with Ross. As a subscriber you will receive invitations to attend these sessions and you will be able to ask Ross quetions and discuss topics of your choice.  This will be an exclusive session only available to subscribers.  Sessions will be at least once a month to suit UK time zone and once a month to suit US time zones
  • Loads of other exclusive content and a chance to win a training session with Ross (One-to-One in the UK) or a Skype consultation 1:1 if outside the UK.

What do I get for my annual subscription?

  • Everything you get with a monthly subscription PLUS the following:
    • One of my full cutting or bulking plans value up to £35 FREE
    • If you have all my current plans you can opt to take this anytime during the year when I bring out a new plan
How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel anytime you choose.  Once cancelled your access to your subscription account will last until the end of the month (or year in the case of an annual subscription), that you have paid for.


Do you weigh all your food?
I do know the amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats I consume each day but I do not weigh all my foods.  Also important to know your body and what works for you as different people may have different needs.

Do your plans rely on using supplements?
It’s all about the diet and exercise – supplements are optional but can improve results and may help you stick to the diet.  Instead of dashing in from work and eating the first thing you see better to have a protein shake!

What proteins do you eat most?
Chicken, turkey and eggs (2 whites for every yoke), also Beef and Tuna.  All fish is fantastic as high in protein and lots of other goodies – unfortunately I am not a great fish eater personally.  The best advice is mix it up!

Can I substitute a weight gainer shake for meals as it is difficult on my work schedule to eat properly prepared meals?
Yes but in moderation – no more than 2 a day.  Prepare your meals for the week and invest in Tupperware so you can take your meals anywhere!  


What is included in your Lean Bulking Plan?
It is all about building muscle mass and you can expect to gain between 5kg and 10kg, although everyone is different. The plan comes with a full weight training plan for 12 weeks, with the exercise, equipment, sets, reps, tempo and rests.  The eating plan is a daily routine with foods, weights and frequency plus supplements recommendations (also recipes on my website to help out).  In addition there is cardio advice and routines and abs routines.  You can check out the progress pics of some of my clients on my website and also read blogs, check out some of the recipes and access free weekly workouts.

What does a clean bulk mean?
Gaining mass while eating a healthy balanced diet to keep body fat low while increasing lean muscle.

While using you Bulking Plan will I burn fat?
Possibly, depending on how much cardio you incorporate but the main aim of this plan is to gain mass.  To really shred, you need the Lean Definition Plan.  If you want to be bigger but also lose fat, first use the bulking plan to gain mass, THEN lean up for the summer.

I know it will be different for each individual person, but how much weight can I expect to gain during the 12 week bulling plan.
It will vary, but within the 5kg – 10kg range.

How do I know if I am taking in the right amount of macros or calories?

My diet doesn't work by counting calories/macros - it works by eating the right quantities of clean food i.e. not processed - nothing out of a packet/tin.  I suggest you start with the diet as is in my bulking plans and monitor yourself carefully.  Its really important you weigh in once a week - same time, same day, same place, same scales.... preferably when you first get up and haven't eaten anything.  Otherwise daily fluctuations make it confusing.  If after 2-3 weeks you are not gaining at a rate of 1-2 lbs, then increase the quantity by adding one portion of protein and one portion of carbs. Conversely if you start to put on body fat introduce a low carb day (instructions in plan).  Make sure you only eat recommended foods and substitute using those foods.  I really believe in clean eating and avoiding wheat products, processed foods, sugar etc.

Keep your eating plan the same every day, whether training or not.


Can you explain the tempo used in your plans?
The tempo expressed as 2-1-2 or 1-1-4 is the concentric, isometric pause and the eccentric phase of each exercise.

I need an alternative exercise for one mentioned in the plan as my gym does not have that piece of equipment
You can find alternative exercises on my YouTube channel or else YouTube more generally.  If this doesn't help please drop me an email.

Is there anything else I can do instead of Squats?
Yes, although Squats are the best exercise for legs, you can also use the Machine Leg Press for a more isolated movement, and Lunges or Sumo Squats too.

What are drop sets and triple drop sets?

Drop Sets :  Perform stated reps  then drop weight and perform stated reps again.  This is ONE complete set.

Triple Drop Sets : Perform  stated reps  then drop weight, and perform stated reps again, drop weight again and perform stated reps.one more time.  This is ONE complete set.

My gym doesn’t have cables so how can I get the same results?
You can use DBs instead of cable and mix it up doing flat, incline and decline bench work

When doing an incline DB press or other incline exercise what angle should I have the bench?
About 45 degrees is great for upper chest, but its always good to mix up to make sure all areas of the muscle are being targeted. 

What is the difference between working to failure and not working to failure?

Not working to failure, for example in a warm up, means picking a weight you are comfortable with - less than you would normally use, and lift for however many reps that will get you to about 3 reps from when you think you would fail.  Repeat for number of reps stated - usually 2 or 3 for warm ups.  On all working sets you will then be working to failure every set i.e. use a weight that gets you to failure i.e. not being able to lift any more, at the number of reps stated.  So gradually as go on with the plan the weight you use will increase but number of reps stays the same.


How is my plan delivered?
When you purchase one of my plans you will receive an email with a link to the download site.  if you have any problems with the download or if you don't get the email within an hour of ordering you can email me and I will send it to you as an attachment (PDF).  Any problems encountered are usually linked to downloads using Safari on iPhone...

I am having trouble downloading my plan. What should I do?
If you have any problems with the download or if you don't get the email within an hour of ordering you can email me and I will send it to you as an attachment (PDF).  Any problems encountered are usually linked to downloads using Safari on iPhone or iPad