It's now 12 years since I first discovered the gym and my life passion.

Although born in London, I moved with my mum and brother to the US when I was 5, eventually landing back in London, via Cornwall, in January 2008 aged 19.  A lot has happened since then… but my Constant has been the gym which has kept me going through good and bad times.  I seriously cannot imagine what would have happened to me without it!

I spent my first few years in the gym figuring things out and learning off others around me who gave me inspiration and motivation.  Alongside this I knew diet would make a massive difference and it has always been a big focus for me. I was a skinny young guy and am to this day a hard gainer, so I probably have to eat more than most people to make the gains I have achieved. 

Counting calories or macros was never going to work for me so I developed my own approach to diet and still use the same regime, with variations that I have found work equally well over time.  However I know a lot of you like to keep track with macros so I have listened to you and 2021 will see some big changes in the way my diet can be used.  I will never change my philosophy of eating fresh, healthy food and as little processed food as possible, encouraging everyone to do the same.  But now I believe I have responded to all of your needs giving you loads more flexiblity in my new App! 

As my physique has developed, getting bigger, more muscular and defined I started to get noticed and along with going to fitness expos and other events, social media started to take off generally, and for me specifically.  Through this interaction with more and more people who wanted to take their physique in a similar direction, I discovered people wanted to learn from me.  Starting by providing basic training plans to people over my social media accounts, this gradually evolved into a full-blown business.  I explored other jobs/careers including becoming a chef and a tennis coach but I always came back to the gym and now know I will always be involved in physical fitness in some way.

In 2013 I officially launched my business full-time, with my website and social media channels integrated, and marketing to the increasing number of young people getting interested in fitness.  Things exploded and life was good!!  I started entering fitness competitions and winning, while becoming more well known on social media and the competition circuit.  For the next few years I worked really hard and used social media as my main channel for promoting my business, talking to customers and promoting brands that were synergistic with my business.    There are now thousands of people worldwide who have used my diet and training plans to change not just their physique, but also their outlook on life.

However, I can only provide the building blocks – it still requires an individual’s motivation, hard work and commitment.  I spend a lot of my time now trying to motivate people and using my energy and passion to inspire others. 

Social media has been both my making and my temporary demise, as so many others have found.  The mental impact of managing the stresses associated with social media can be enormous when multiplied by other factors in your life.  After a crazy few years in a new and dynamic industry, feeling my way along not really knowing where it was going, in 2017 things started to go downhill, although I didn’t recognise it at the time.  There were a number of contributing factors and they all came together slowly and insidiously over time.  I made a YouTube video earlier in the year talking about this and the devastating consequences for me. It took over 2 years of recovery to be able to talk about it and you can check out my YouTube channel to find out more.  

Now its coming into 2021 and after a strange up and down year for the whole world (that's an understatement!) I feel better than ever before!!
And during this strange year of 2020 I have finally had the energy and mental focus to evolve the way I deliver my training and diet philosophy to you! 


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