Another year and its more than 11 years since I first discovered the gym and my life passion.

Although born in London, I moved with my mum and brother to the US when I was 5, eventually landing back in London (via Cornwall) in January 2008 aged 19.  A lot has happened since then… but my Constant has been the gym which has kept me going through good and bad times.

I spent my first few years in the gym figuring things out and learning off others around me who gave me inspiration and motivation.  Not always getting it right for sure, but slowly I got the hang of things and began to put my own stamp on developing my physique.  My diet was never too bad as I was brought up eating good food but it took time to find out what worked best for my goals – a very lean and very muscular physique.  I was a skinny lad and am to this day a hard gainer, so I probably have to eat more than most people to make the gains I have achieved.  Counting calories or macros was never going to work for me so I developed my own approach to diet and still use the same regime, with variations that I have found work equally well over time.

While training at the gym I started meeting people from different branches of the fitness industry, doing some modelling as my body developed an aesthetic look, going to fitness expos with sponsors and other events, at the same time social media started to take off generally, and for me specifically.  Through this I gradually realised people wanted to learn from me, so I started to provide basic training plans to people over my social media accounts growing this over a period of about a year to make a full-blown business from my passion.  Up until then, although I was training hard at the gym, I had worked full-time in restaurants,

then a fitness coach and trained and worked as a tennis coach for a few years, a job I loved, mainly coaching children.  It was rewarding and I enjoyed helping other people achieve their goals.

At the end of 2013 I officially launched my business full-time, with my website and social media channels integrated, and marketing to the increasing number of young people getting interested in fitness.  And from then I started making my living solely from fitness - partly selling my diet and training plans, and partly from sponsors in the world of supplements and clothing who found value in me representing their brands.  Things exploded and life was good!!  I started entering fitness competitions and winning, while becoming more well known on social media and the competition circuit.

For the next few years I worked really hard and used social media as my main channel for promoting my business, talking to customers and promoting other brands.  My diet and training plans became well known globally, with about 50% of my customers in the US, 40% in the UK and 10% all over the world.  My plans continue to produce results for thousands of people!  Of course, I can only provide the building blocks – it still requires an individual’s motivation, hard work and commitment, but anyone can use my plans and achieve great results if they can develop the right mindset.  Real people all over the world have transformed their physiques and their lives through working with me and my plans, and following me on social media for motivation, advice and tips.  Click HERE to check out just some of these Transformations!  I have fine-tuned my diet and varied my training over the years but my core philosophy and principles remain the same – work hard and eat well… consistently!
After such a crazy few years in a new and dynamic industry, feeling my way along not really knowing where it was going, in 1917 things started to go downhill, although I didn’t recognise it at the time.  There were a number of contributing factors and they all came together slowly and insidiously over time.  I’m not going into them all now and the devastating consequences for me, as it’s not the place, but I am aiming to put a video together and tell this part of my story in 2020.  But whatever happened, the downward slide for me started in 2017, with my rock bottom in 2018 and my gradual return to form in 2019!

Now its 2020!  I have come back tougher mentally as well as physically stronger – I feel great and I’m taking things a little slower, planning out what I want to do next and trying to stay calm and unstressed!   

 While planning the next phase of my life, I have written you 2 great new Diet and Training plans for this year and if you haven’t already, I hope you will give them a try.  CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED WITH MY CUTTING AND BULKING DIET & TRAINING PLANS!!