Posted by Ross Dickerson

Lots of you have turned to thoughts of Cutting and may have already started...

So here are 3 TOP TIPS to get you on the right track for the best results!

  • The most important thing to consider when running a cut is to be in a calorie defecit i.e. burning more energy than you are consuming, and at the same time it is key to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. The best way to do this efficiently is not too quickly, which can lead to losing muscle, but gradually over a set period of time.  In the past I have made many mistakes which made me lose muscle mass and feel weak and tired, but it's all a learning process.  Getting the right quantiites of protein, carbs and fats and not rushing the process, ensures you make gains, while maintaining enough energy to sustain you through a busy day and hard training session in the gym.
  • I can’t stress this one enough – eating right is not rocket science. Keep it simple – fresh food, nothing processed - chicken, turkey, beef, fish, sweet potato, rice, oats, green veg, fruit and nuts… the absolute basics for getting the physique you want.  Mix up the carbs, fats and proteins to make sure you are getting a variety of macro and micro nutrients…plus whey protein as a shake or mixed into your oats in the morning and Boom!  I know its tough if you have allergies or more specific diet requirements but my new App has you covered as I have adapted my diet principles for just about every lifestyle.  Remember you are going to have to make sacrifices if you are committed to getting a lean, muscular physique.  Avoid ready made and takeaway meals - you know they are going to be full of sugar and/or fat - that's how they make them taste so damn good!   Eating clean is easy with my new App and its built in shopping list - the only supermarket aisles you need are the fresh produce and the meat/fish... maybe with a brief detour to pick up the essential peanut butter!
  • Integrating your training into a busy schedule.. I know a lot of you struggle with this. Workouts don’t have to be hours long if they are structured in the right way.  Short intense workouts have been proven to be just as effective as longer sessions, if they are designed correctly.  For some people, going to the gym less often but for longer is a more efficient use of time and if you can only train 3-4 times a week, make sure those sessions count and that they are part of your routine whatever happens – no excuses.  Some of your abs training can be done at home – loads of abs exercises don’t use equipment.  Then, when you are in the gym, add your weighted abs onto the end of your main session.  And cardio can be done another time – so when in the gym focus on weights, and leave the rest for other days.  It's all about a well structured routine that fits your lifestyle to get the results you want.

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