The Facts You Need To Know About Abs!

Posted by Ross Dickerson

Over my 13 years of experience in the gym I have trained my abs in many different ways...... different exercises, reps, sets and the number of times per week. I have found them all to be somewhat effective, but to build the abs up in size and to get them really popping, I feel there is a best practice route to take.  However, EVEN before discussing training the abs, the most important thing to consider is losing the body fat around your abs through your diet, as they will only be revealed if your body fat in that area is low enough for them to show through. 

Also, I get asked a lot “what are the best exercises to target ab fat?"  You CANNOT target certain areas of your body for fat loss, as we are all different and it will each of us lose it in different places and at different times. What I have found to be the most effective way to develop the abs muscles is to combine sessions that focus on building the size of the ab muscle along with sessions that work more on endurance/toning of the core.

Instead of doing abs at the end of every session, I like to focus on hitting them like any other muscle, working on the two different training methods, for size and tone, in two separate sessions each week.

BUT remember it's all about the diet to really get those abs on show, but by training your abs in this way, they will 100% increase in size, strength & definition.

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