Posted by Ross Dickerson

I see and hear way too much of people switching & swapping around their diets & training regimes. Just as they have started to make some progress they are on to another diet or training routine, when what they need to do is stick with it, gain from it, learn from it and then move on.

Remember, your own progress will be your ultimate motivation.  If you are constantly swapping and changing, based on what someone told you or following the latest fad, then progress will be slow or even non-existent, leading to your motivation being eroded away.  Our bodies love a routine, so it's all about getting the body into one, and sticking with it to make the most significant progress. 

Don't overload yourself with a ton of information - it will only end in confusion and disappointment.  I have always kept to the basics..... 8 years of the most simple methods have been the way forward for me and will be for you too.  A simple and easy to follow, structured Diet Plan & Training Plan.  Keeping it simple so we can focus on what really matters and that is STICKING WITH IT!

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