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Finally Gyms are reopening in the UK... although I hear closing again elsewhere!!  Crazy times!  But whenever your gym reopens, now is the time to grab the opportunity to start fresh.  The last 4 months have been a time of reflection with many people revisiting how they live their life.

Priorities are changing and the simple things in life have become more important.  

Above all health and fitness have taken on a new meaning.  All the health issues associated with poor diet and lack of exercise have made people more vulnerable to Covid-19 – obesity, diabetes, heart disease…..

Many people have taken up exercise over the last few months and made it a priority in their lives.  If you are one of those people, or you are still thinking of making those changes there is no better time.

There is no excuse for having a poor diet with the range of great foods available and there is no excuse not to exercise.  Going to the gym provides focus, you meet other like minded people, you can get help to meet your specific goals and a routine which is so important to getting consistency needed for long term change.

Going to the gym is an enormous help mentally, and a lot of people have suffered a deterioration in mental health from not being able to go. As many of you know the gym got me through my mental breakdown and I have come back stronger than ever! Home workouts are great but they don’t really substitute fully and you don't get the vibe.  Don’t forget them though as still a great addition for when you cant get to the gym.

If you have never been in a gym, now is the time to go.  Don’t worry if you have never been before, they are there to help and will guide you around the equipment and make sure you feel comfortable.  Don’t just go to the gym and randomly move from machine to machine without a purpose. You must have a plan, a purpose and regular routine so that you can see the results weekly.  If you do this results come surprisingly quickly!

Without the diet you wont get far… there are lots of different diets out there to suit different people and lifestyles, but you cant beat the simplicity of my philosophy which is to eat natural foods and avoid processed foods – where all the hidden fats and sugars hide that lead to body fat increases. Just by cutting out processed foods you will feel better, look better and see a big impact on the scales.

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