Integrating a fitness program into a busy life

Posted by Cathy Dickerson

I often hear that lack of time is a massive restraint holding people back from achieving their fitness goals.  It is difficult to fit a full regime into your day when juggling work and family commitments and finding some 'me' time.  

Getting your body in shape these days doesn’t have to be about four gym sessions per week - a much more flexible approach is available, and one that doesn’t require the expense of  a Personal Trainer 1-2 times a week.  Although the full gym commitment may suit some people, for others the gym can be combined with home training, a variety of cardio options and a healthy diet plan to help you achieve your goals. Enhance this with support and motivation via social media of your choice, email and face-to-face on Skype, and getting fit can adapt to your schedule and not cost an arm and a leg.

One of the first things is be prepared, and have clear workouts either on your phone, tablet or printed, and integrated into your calendar for the week.  The other key preparation is on the diet front and each week having all the food you need so you don’t have to fit in extra trips to the store.  This is really key as many eating regimes fall down on not having the right food close to hand (and even worse, having the wrong foods close at hand).

Workouts don’t have to be hours long if they are structured in the right way.  Short intense workouts have been proven to be just as effective as one hour sessions, if they are designed correctly.  This further contributes to the adaptable nature of my approach.

Many of my clients have found the flexible approach really works.  So, if a full-time gym commitment is not for you, contact me about a custom plan combining gym and home-training, or a full bespoke program designed around your schedule and including a higher level of personal interaction online.  Make sure you get the results you want and keep motivated until you reach your goals. Email me at to find out more.