My cutting tips

Posted by Cathy Dickerson

The most important thing to consider when running a cut is to maintain as much muscle as possible while reducing body fat. The best way to do this efficiently is not too quickly, which can lead to losing muscle, but gradually over a set period of time.  I made this mistake in the past, leaving out nearly all carbs, which caused me to lose muscle mass and feel weak and tired.  This time around, by incorporating carbs and not rushing the process, I kept most muscle mass, while maintaining enough energy to sustain me through my day job and my training sessions in the gym.

I found it really important to make sure my weight training complemented the entire cutting process. I mixed up different types of session each week, i.e. heavier weights, less reps some days and lighter weights, higher reps other days. I also slowly incorporated different types of cardio, always keeping a close eye on my weight to ensure it didn't drop too fast. This illustrates how important it is to know your body and how it reacts to different types of diets and training. 

The Lean Definition Plan I used incorporates all the techniques I used during my cutting phase.