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"Really chuffed with my results and highly recommend your fact a couple of my mates have / going to be buying your plans. Going on your lean bulk after holiday. Can't wait to be honest! Hopefully keep getting leaner as well and properly reveal my abs! Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it."  Gavin (Aberdeen, UK)




"I've been back training for about 6 months now (took 2 years off) and bought your complete cutting series 3, and wow it made a huge difference. Not only that, but whenever I was considering skipping the gym or need little motivation, I'd just check your Snapchat/Instagram and it'd put me in such a better mood and id kill my workout! So just wanted to say thanks!!  My pics attached are of my before starting the program (240lb/108kg) and this morning (219lb/100kg)"  Derek (British Columbia, Canada)

"I want to thank you so much for making this plan available, really helped me grow a lot more confidence as well as I'm absolutely pleased with the results! 
Hope you have a nice weekend and thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!  Keep it up!"  Ben (Harstad, Norway)                                                     



"I just wanted to thank you for your programs.  I never had a problem workout out or knowing what to do at the gym.  My struggle was always with tracking my food etc.  your plan made it easy for me to eat healthy and carb cycle without needing to track macros:  I used to think a flat stomach was very difficult to achieve and now I find it extremely easy and maintainable."  Leo (West Hartford, CT, USA)




"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for introducing to me the best plan I have attempted - the lean bulk plan! I have tried, and given up, on numerous plans over the years in an attempt to put on muscle whilst being paranoid of gaining fat too. The lean bulk plan succeeded and offered the best variety in a plan that I have ever tried, meaning I could stay engaged and enthusiastic. The choice of exercises combined with your snapchat advice was key, and the dietary side was spot on! I can confidently say I gave 100% over the 16 weeks (with the exception of Christmas Day and NYE) and I am happy with the results"  Ollie (Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK)



".......bro I can't thank you enough!  I've been training just over 18 months and had never of dreamed of looking this good in such a short space of time!  I actually thought to look good you'd need to be taking some sort of AAS or other sort of gear to look good, but now I know how critical diet is, onwards and upwards now!!"  Sam (Rugby, UK)




"Just completed my final session of the bulking series 2, thought I'd give you a final update picture. I really enjoyed the programme, the variety kept me motivated through the past 3 months. I started at just under 11 stone at the end of September and I now currently weigh just under 12 stone, gaining around a stone which I'm very happy with considering I find it incredibly difficult to gain any weight at all. Just wanted to say how much your plan has helped me not just in the gym but has transformed my diet hugely making me feel great everyday. You're a huge inspiration to me and thanks for all your help in starting me on my fitness journey!  Dan (Bradford, UK)



"I have finished the 12 week cutting program and would like to share my photos! This program was fantastic. My starting weight was 182lbs and my ending weight is 160lbs"  Nik (Las Vegas, NV, USA)