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About Ross

My early years were spent in San Francisco, CA and Houston, Texas although born in London, where I now live.  I have happy memories of Texas and it was a wrench when we had to move back to the UK for my mom's work when I was 13.  We lived in Cornwall when first back in England - a pretty fishing village on the ocean - but not very exciting for a teenager from Houston!  It was a big adjustment and I had no direction and no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  When we eventually moved back to London, things changed for me as I discovered the gym.  It wasn't long before I was in there every day, inspired by people in great shape and determined to have a physique I would be proud of (starting out from being a very skinny teen).


I decided to make fitness my career as well as a hobby and went from tennis instructor to PT to modelling and owning my own online business.

My first visit to BodyPower in 2013 was a turning point for me and drove my commitment and enthusiasm for the fitness industry. I realised I could share my experiences and demonstrate how, with commitment and determination, anyone can dramatically increase their fitness levels and change their outlook on life. I find it incredibly rewarding when people adopt my philosophy and use my approach to achieve amazing things.

An update now... it is 2018 and I have been training and getting my physique in shape since around 2010.  Still creating new and ever more challenging training and diet plans, adding new features every year with more videos, more advice tips.  Plus my IG, SnapChat and YouTube are full of information, motivation and more about the daily grind! 

My journey has been up and down but I am now in a good place and also recently discovered a new passion...Boxing!   I am throwing myself into this now too so follow my progress on Social Media.  So GET INVOLVED now!!