Posted by Ross Dickerson

Over my 10/11 Years of Training I have Bulk & Cut 18-20 times learning about my body more and more each time. This to me is what it’s all about - by Bulking & Cutting you will be Training & Dieting in completely different ways enabling you to learn how your body reacts and changes each time.
You will constantly see change in your body throughout the process which keeps MOTIVATION HIGH!  When you Bulk you will add STRENGTH & MASS & when you Cut you will add MUSCLE & REDUCE BODY FAT, so you will see changes in all round strength and size & see reduced body fat and improved cardio.
If you don't Bulk or Cut you won’t experience these changes to your body as frequently and you won't gain the knowledge you need, to gain the results you want, as fast!
Over my years of training I have continuously built up my knowledge to a point where I often wish I had been when I first started training!  I wasted a lot of time without a specific goal never going from a Bulk to a Cut.   As soon as I put these goals into place it gave me extra motivation, seeing the changes happen more quickly and more noticeably for faster overall results.
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 - Easy to follow diet - no calories or macros to count -  so a sustainable lifestyle for the long term!
- Simple everyday food with cooking suggestions and recipes to make it work for you
- Easy to follow training plans - every exercise clickable to video of me doing exercise with instruction so you cannot go wrong
- All the training advice you need to ensure you perform every exercise to maximum effectiveness
- Email support - so never get stuck - I will keep you on track!