Posted by Ross Dickerson

I have been training for over 12 years now, passing this experience onto you guys through my training and diet plans, evolving them over time, making them more effective and easier to use.  Now I believe I've found the right platform that can incorporate even more features, to offer you an even better experience and faster sustainable results. My NEW APP incorporates loads of the things you have been asking for - more personalised, more flexible diet, tracking tools, progress checking, more videos, more interaction with me....

It includes EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IS IMPORTANT to getting great results - Firstly the Fundamentals:  My signature training which I have developed and use every day myself and a healthy diet based on natural foods with minimal processed foods from packets.  I have always written custom plans when asked, but now in my App EVERY PLAN IS PERSONALISED - both diet and training.  PLUS......KEEP TRACK OF THE WEIGHTS YOU USE FROM SESSION TO SESSION, so easily see your progress!  UPLOAD PROGRESS PHOTOS regularly to see your transformation over time....... seeing your results is one of the best motivators out there!  JOIN MY EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE INTERACTION WITH ME and exchange ideas and motivate or be motivated by other members!

AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES RIGHT NOW... you can select HOME workouts if your gym is closed (you will need a few dumbbells and a resistance band). Once your gym re-opens, flip back to GYM WORKOUTS!

Looking to make a big change this year? Maybe you let yourself slip during the pandemic or maybe it has made you think more about how important it is to keep physically and mentally fit.  Both of these are vital for a long and rewarding life! So now is the time! GET 30% OFF FOR LIFE WITH COUPON LETSGO30 CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

If you have any questions or you are not sure what will work for you, email me at and I can help you figure it out!