Posted by Ross Dickerson

It's so important to get on the right diet and training plan, matched to your goals and your current condition!  Before deciding to invest 3-4 months of your effort in a new regime, be sure to have planned out what is right for you!  Think about your current physique and your goals - short term and longer term.  Set realistic goals to maximise success, and don't mix up conflicting goals that will lead to disappointment and loss of motivation. 

The most common of these I hear is "I want to get bigger - increase muscle mass - and lose body fat".  Well guys this unfortunately isn't one goal.......

If you have high levels of body fat (for a guy anything over about 12-15%), you should choose Cutting, to lose body fat and therefore weight.  If you haven't built up a lot of muscle in the past, you can also gain lean muscle while cutting.  If you are coming from a bulk and/or you have already got high muscle mass, you won't increase it while cutting, but by losing weight slowly, you will only shed body fat, keeping all your gains.

If you have low body fat (something under 12%) and want to gain more muscle mass and strength, and put on significant weight (5-10Kg), you should go for Bulking.   You can bulk for up to 4-5 months to gain maximum muscle mass... then back off slowly into a Cutting phase and reveal muscle gains for that well defined, lean, muscular physique.

Trying to cut and bulk simultaneously won't bring about great results and I rotate the programs throughout the year for best results long term. 

If you try to Bulk from a position of high body fat, you may still gain muscle mass and size but you will likely add significant body fat making it harder to cut effectively later.  If you Cut when your body fat is very low, you run the risk of losing muscle and gradually taking on a skinny appearance.

Stick with my simple formula and you will reach your goals with a high level of success... the greatest motivator of all! 

Wherever you are at right now, I can help guide you on your journey to get the physique you want!  In my new App you can start with Cutting or Bulking, training in the Gym or at Home, and transition to the next phase whenever you are ready. 

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