Posted by Ross Dickerson

It looks like we are all on lockdown AGAIN in Europe and this can be tough for us all, not just physically but mentally too, so it’s key we keep ourselves busy. If we choose to just sit around doing nothing then this will 100% have a knock on effect leading to low motivation, low mood & low energy.

Let’s Step It Up!

It’s all about routine & setting one up that allows us to feel as we have a purpose and are still achieving goals. Set up your day with structure, for example my own routine looks something like this….

  • Wake up and have breakfast (porridge with added whey protein and scrambled eggs, maybe some blueberries or a banana)
  • Answer emails replying to all you guys crushing my plans & maybe post on IG/Snapchat
  • Home workout
  • Cook and eat lunch (chicken breast and salad or veg and an apple)
  • Tidying up and cleaning up my house!
  • Answer more emails and some other work, and IG/Snapchat
  • Round 2 workout - Cardio or Abs
  • Dinner (turkey, or a steak maybe and rice or sweet potato)
  • Review custom plans, check other work stuff
  • Movie and bed!

Put specific times to what you have planned...schedule a Facetime call with family or a friend, get out in your garden if you have one, do your cardio outside as your daily exercise out of the house.

This is what drives me each day to still get out there and make it happen. The home workouts I know can be tough as we have limited equipment but this can also be a time to try new styles of training, try new exercises, improve technique, all which can still get us results and take us outside our comfort zone.

When it comes to diet it’s all about staying on track alongside your training. I’ve just started cutting so it’s important I have a routine with specific times to eat, to stop me thinking about food and snacking.  Just as if it was a normal week we can’t let our hard work with home workouts go to waste. Plus eating healthy is key at a time like this to keep our immune system strong and to feel good within ourselves. Don’t forget the green veg and fruit! Now we have more time on our hands we can also prep our foods, make new recipes which can all prepare us for when the gyms do open back up and we can come back stronger than before.  

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