It's not Rocket Science...

Posted by Cathy Dickerson

You've heard me talk about my diet a lot, but considering how simple it is there isn't much more I can say!
My diet is boring most of the time as you will have seen;

(I eat so much turkey by the time Christmas comes it ain't no treat for me) but I seek out ways of making it more interesting so I have something to look forward to.  I started working in restaurants while still at school and continued for a few years, so picked up a few ideas and skilIs. This has enabled me to figure out out some quick basic recipes, all cooking from scratch and its amazing the variations you can make with a few vegetables, herbs and spices.  
And what could be healthier than eating fresh meat and fresh vegetables.
I have experimented and tried different things, and now always make sure I have the following staples in for making my meals more interesting - tomatoes, peppers, onions of different varieties, fresh ginger, basil, garlic, chilies and dried cumin, paprika, chili, mixed herbs, and curry spice mix. Also you can make these recipes in advance and make 4 or 6 portions - stick a couple in the freezer and the rest in the fridge for a few meals during the week.  
Don't resort to ready made meals - you know they are going to be full of sugar and/or fat - that's how they make them taste so damn good!  Dont get takeaways... except on cheat night of course,,,, pizza, curry etc.

Eating clean is easy - the only supermarket aisles you need are the fresh produce and the meat/fish... maybe with a brief detour to pick up the essential peanut butter.... *:)