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Are you ready for the Complete Cutting Plan

So spring is here and summer is fast approaching. After a successful bulk, my mind has turned to getting lean.  I have reached the size I set out to achieve and can’t wait to reveal the results by running my cutting plan.  Over the last month I have been developing a great plan that I can share with you, and I’m launching it today and making it available via my website
It is based on all my past experiences – taking the best and putting it into one plan containing everything you will need.  That’s why I have called it the Complete Cutting Plan.  Having bulked and cut quite a few times now, I have learned better ways of approaching it each time. The goal of course is to gain lean muscle while reducing body fat, but in the past I have made mistakes that have led me to lose muscle and strength - the complete opposite of what I was aiming for.  But by making those mistakes I have learned, and know that this is now a really strong plan. TheComplete Cutting Plan has all the techniques I have developed and worked through personally to get in the very best of summer condition.
The plan is 10 weeks and comprises a really varied weight training program using various styles of training to motivate and keep it fresh. The Abs plans are the most rigorous yet and focus on all major areas of the core (Lower, Upper, Obliques). It also comes with a comprehensive eating regime including daily and weekly meal plans, tips, advice and recipes. And finally a full Cardio Plan to help improve your CV and reduce body fat further.  Plus the usual supplements and clothing discounts!

Get Involved now at The Complete Cutting Plan

If you are still working your way through my Lean Definition Plan, carry on as you will still get the results you want!!! This is the new version and I suggest you move onto this when you have completed your current 9 week program and want to mix things up and try something different.