Even in Winter dont forget your Abs!!!

Posted by Cathy Dickerson

Abdominals..... Everyone wants them in the summer and most of us hide them in the winter.  How often do you hear people start talking about getting those lean cut abs just before the summer months?  This is one mistake a lot of people make when coming to train abdominals and core.  Over any period of training I would recommend keeping them in mind.  During any bulking cycle, or off season, I always train them to make sure that when I do cut they haven't been neglected.  As I start to trim fat towards summer time I increase the amount of times I train my abdominals from 1 session to 2 sessions, a weighted session to a cardio abs session. Check out my Weighted Abs Plan and my Cardio Abs Plan.  One of the main things to consider when looking to get those abs popping is that they are just a muscle like any other and will be stimulated by training them in different ways.  Of course the diet will be the key to really getting the lean aesthetic physique.