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Know your body and the best way to reach your goals

I hear a lot of the time guys saying they want to get bigger and leaner. These are the most common and obvious goals that guys have when trying to build a muscular physique. The first thing you have to consider is your body type, as this will play the most important part in how you train and what you eat.

The best way to achieve these results is to aim for one goal at a time. If you aren’t holding enough muscle before trying to reduce body fat then you will end up lean but skinny.  So I have found in my years of training that the best way to reach the overall goal is to run a bulking cycle followed by a cutting cycle.

This allows you to maximise your muscular gains, as when trying to pack on muscle while keeping body fat low is a slower and less efficient process.  During your bulking cycle keep the diet as clean as possible, but allow yourself to relax occasionally. This brings me back to knowing your body and how it reacts to different foods. You should always keep a close eye on how you are looking and what gains you are making, whether it is body fat or muscle. Then you can manipulate your diet as needed.

When you have reached a target weight or finished a specific bulking plan it is time to strip the body fat and reveal what muscle you have gained with your hard work through the bulk.  Check out ‘My Cutting Tips’ blog for more info on helping reduce body fat.

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