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From The Ross Army!


“I'm just thanking you for being an amazing motivator and a massive role model. I'm only 15 years old but you've motivated me to go to the gym 5 days a week and to train to my full potential. After following you on snapchat, you always think positive which makes me feel positive (lol). And you also seem so happy. I strive to have the same phasic as you as well as have the same attitude towards life. Thanks man and keep up all the good work!”


"Hey man I didn't know how you did everything with transformation photos or if you wanted any ect. I just know sometimes I see them and really just wasn't for sure. I just wanted to say your whole new cutting plan has absolutely changed how I do everything from eating to just absolutely feeling completely like a new person brother. I just wanted to thank you for putting this out there for people like me to see and take advantage of. Before I did this plan I was one of the pickiest eaters you probably ever would've met. I hated veggies (wouldn't touch them), hated tuna and just wouldn't try anything new. But when I started your plan and seeing everything you continuously post I decided to make myself go all in. So from the beginning that's what I did from eating kale and asparagus to everything else you have recommended and that has completely changed my taste and really look at everything new.

I can't thank you enough for all that. There has been a few weekends when I'm off playing in tournaments all day that I have gone off eating wise a day  and ate wrong just to keep my energy up or ate at some restaurant that the entire club wanted to eat at. Besides that I continued to push myself to follow everything to get the best results I could. These pics are from the very first day i started to the end of my 9 weeks on your new cutting 2 plan (from left to right) and I'm currently finishing up week 10 as we speak. There was countless times with two jobs, school and rugby I didn't know if i could continue but with everything you post and when I had questions you responding when you did really helped. Hopefully everything will continue to keep going like it has for the rest of these last week's left.Thanks again man."


“Just thought I'd send you some feedback on my experience working through your plan. I have never really enjoyed using the gym, have always been a cardio man. However, I have found your plan excellent, really easy to follow, routines are interesting and challenging and the diet plan has made a huge impact on my health particularly the carb cycling which has now become my way of eating.Already bought your second cutting plan which I intend to work through in a weeks time, which looks better than the first one, particularly interested in 2 x 50 rep leg press (BEAST ??).Top man and thanks for the support when I needed it”