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Why I bulk and then cut

So I get asked a lot why I bulk, and then cut, rather than try to make lean gains while having lower body fat.
I personally am a hard gainer and find it really difficult to add any mass while keeping body fat down. This means I have to introduce a much higher number of calories and a different style of training to increase my body weight.
While keeping body fat down and trying to make lean gains simultaneously, your progress will be a lot slower and your strength won’t increase as much. By running a bulk you will see progress more often and your strength increase, therefore leading you to gain more mass.
Seeing progress is key to keeping motivated and by staying lean all the time your progress will be minimal.  By running a bulk and then a cut your body will constantly be changing, leading to more motivation which then leads to more results.
It’s all about seeing change to your body whether it be size, strength or losing weight. At the end of the day what is the point in training without seeing results.
So whichever stage of your development you are at, try my newest Lean Bulking Plan or my latest Cutting Plan.